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Welcome to Baxter's Grant Request and Administration web site dedicated to supporting the advancing scientific research and patient care worldwide. This site is for healthcare and patient related organizations.

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 About Grants Program

Baxter International Inc. and its subsidiaries world-wide are dedicated to assisting people with complex medical conditions and are committed to being socially responsible members of the global community. Baxter demonstrates this commitment by providing grant support for programs that advance scientific research, medical education and patient care.

Healthcare and patient-related organizations can submit requests through this site for the following types of grant support from Baxter:
  • Contributions - Support in the form of money, services, in-kind donations or non-Baxter product to not-for-profit or charitable HCOs and patient organizations, as well as for-profit HCOs and patient organizations, to support their missions, visions, goals and programming. Contribution requests may be funded on the basis of a legitimate public health need. We will not fund requests to support purely social events (e.g., birthday party and patient social events), events that have already occurred, or fund requests to pay, offset or reimburse a particular patient’s care or treatment.
To request funding, follow these easy steps:


  • To begin, you will need to register as a user of this site, and will need to have the following information:
    • Email address
    • Identifier or license number if you are a healthcare provider
    • Electronic W8 or W9 to upload, as applicable
    • Tax ID
    • Documentation of charitable status, as applicable
    • Organizational information (address, remit to, contacts, website, etc.)
  • Requests

    1. Once registered, you must log-in and initiate your request directly through this site.
    2. You can then log in to the site to monitor your request, provide documentation, review status and submit invoices for payment.
    All requests must be submitted directly to Baxter by the requesting organization through this site. Baxter employees, agents and contractors may not use this site or other means to assist or facilitate the request of a grant in any way.

    Click here for information on the registration process. Additional e-learning on how to use this site is available to registered users within the tool using the Resource Library icon in the left navigation panel.

    Please note that this site is for funding requests from healthcare organizations and patient-related organizations only. Requests for funding of non-healthcare and non-patient organizations can be submitted to the local Baxter facility. Grant requests that fall under The Baxter International Foundation’s guidelines can be submitted here. Baxter International Foundation
    Baxter does not provide monetary support to individuals. Funding is provided without consideration to an organization’s actual or potential use, referral, recommendation or purchase of Baxter product.